Data Analysis and Reporting

CHRT regularly works with public and private sector entities, including large health care purchasers and providers like Medicaid health plans and accountable care organizations, to conduct comprehensive data analyses. The goal: To inform policy and practice shifts that appreciably improve both the quality and cost effectiveness of care. 

Our Expertise

Over the years, CHRT has explored dozens of areas of significant interest to our clients and the individuals they serve. Topics of analysis have included diabetes management, cancer treatment, post-discharge care, behavioral health care, and end-of-life care.  

Our Approach

Each project begins with a collaboratively developed statement of work that ensures that our analysis will meet client needs. Next, we:

  • Conduct primary quantitative and qualitative research, as required, and perform robust analyses of existing public data, health risk assessment data, claims data, and survey data;
  • Review preliminary results with clinical experts to gain insights into current practices, key findings, and opportunities to improve patient care and outcomes; and 
  • Develop and deliver a final report to our clients with special attention to key insights and recommendations. 

Our Assets

CHRT, a non-profit health policy center situated at the University of Michigan, offers: 

  • An experienced and dedicated staff who have deep knowledge of the health care industry, exceptional analytic and project management skills, and connections with a broad range of industry leaders;
  • Strong collaborative relationships with some of the University of Michigan’s top clinicians and scholars; and 
  • A robust commitment to objective analysis, improved population health, and cost-effective care.

For more information about our data analytics capabilities or to request an estimate, contact Robyn Rontal at (734) 998-7588 or