Health and Human Services Integration

Noting the ever-increasing health care needs of the general population, and the social determinants and costs associated with them, there is a national focus on health and human services integration. To help maximize resources, and take a more holistic approach to health, the Center for Health and Research Transformation (CHRT) has expanded its consulting portfolio to include human services.

Under the leadership of a seasoned human services director, CHRT’s human services team helps organizations, providers, and systems define or refine health and human services integration, and improve the overall delivery of human services. Helping shape a seamless continuum of care promotes population well-being while maximizing resources.

CHRT consults on health and human services integration:

  • Providing expert consultation and technical assistance to address a myriad of regulatory, policy, and program needs.
  • Mapping resources to not only enhance financial capabilities, but also to better utilize human capital and in-kind and environmental contributions.
  • Developing customized integration plans based on identified needs and established goals.
  • Conducting learning communities to promote continuous quality improvement and to foster best practices.
  • Promoting team building leadership through improved communication and collaboration.
  • Researching identified areas to keep agencies and systems on the cutting edge.
  • Providing on-site training and educational resources tailored to a variety of health and human service needs.
  • Designing and managing programs during the capacity-building phase.
  • Conducting readiness and implementation assessments, either through facilitation of self-assessments or external analyses.

Located at the University of Michigan, CHRT has the unique ability to not only draw upon its extensive internal expertise, but also to draw upon the academic resources readily available at the University of Michigan and to work closely with Michigan Medicine and the Schools of Public Health and Public Policy.

For more information about CHRT’s health and human services integration consulting services, contact Melissa Riba, research and evaluation director, at