Michigan Health Endowment Fund releases national directory of recommended evaluation partners, including CHRT

January 30, 2020 | In The Media

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The MHEF (Michigan Health Endowment Fund) has released a directory of evaluation partners to provide evaluation services to health-oriented organizations in Michigan.

“Evaluation can be a powerful tool to inform decision-making and ensure that scarce resources are used effectively,” writes the Michigan Health Endowment Fund in a recently released directory of evaluation partners that includes the Center for Health and Research Transformation (CHRT). The document lists 27 consulting firms–some in Michigan, others in California, Georgia, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Washington, DC–that the fund recommends to provide evaluation services to health-oriented organizations across Michigan. 

MHEF calls out CHRT for particular evaluative expertise in behavioral health, healthy aging, and community health impact. 

The Michigan Health Endowment Fund has been developing a robust evaluation capacity-building plan for grantees. The belief: that by improving the evaluative capacity of grantees, the fund can scale strategies and programs that improve the health of Michigan’s diverse residents; reinforce a cultural disposition towards curiosity, learning, and continuous improvement; inform decisions that enhance programs, strategies, and day-to-day operations; and build agility and responsiveness to adapt to changing conditions effectively. 

In summary, the Michigan Health Endowment Fund has recognized the importance of evaluation in informing decision-making and ensuring the effective use of resources in health-oriented organizations in Michigan.


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