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In the U.S., there are not enough behavioral health workers to meet the demand for mental health and substance use services, particularly in rural areas. Over the past year, the Center for Health and Research Transformation (CHRT) has worked closely with the University of Michigan’s Behavioral Health Workforce Research Center (BHWRC) to explore the approaches states have taken to address this concern through recruitment and retention in …

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In “Rural Michigan hospitals say coronavirus may soon force some to close,” Marianne Udow-Phillips, executive director of the Center for Health and Research Transformation at the University of Michigan, describes the thin cash margins of independent, rural hospitals and why they’re so vulnerable during this coronavirus epidemic. To slow the spread of the virus, elective surgeries and procedures have been cancelled, which has a huge impa …

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In partnership with the Equitable Evaluation Initiative, the Michigan Health Endowment Fund is working to build our state’s evaluation ecosystem. Over the next several months, CHRT and selected Health Fund grantees will explore Michigan health equity evaluation as part of a collaboratory that brings philanthropy, nonprofit, and consultant partners together, bridging the unique perspectives of each area. In the first full-day session, wh …

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This past year, as we reflected on our first decade, we took a close look at our history, our expanded portfolio, and our evolution as an organization, and decided it was time to change our name from the Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation to the Center for Health and Research Transformation. Our acronym, pronounced “chart,” remains the same—as does our longstanding commitment to improving the health of people and communities…

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Trying to make sense of expanded unemployment benefits, paid leave, the eviction moratorium, or food assistance options? Michigan #COVID19 Pandemic Resource Guide from ... #PovertySolutions has info on who's eligible for these resources and how to access them

For Michiganders struggling with the economic impact of #covid19, and those who are there to support them, here's a detailed description of new state and federal support programs. ... Bravo #PovertySolutions @UMich

And many of these newly uninsured Michiganders will lose healthcare coverage just when they need it most.