Program Evaluation

CHRT’s program evaluation team has a wealth of experience in designing and conducting assessments. Our program evaluation process includes initial design, analysis, synthesis, and reporting. In order to achieve this, we work collaboratively with program stakeholders to design and implement all aspects of the evaluation. Additionally, we assess progress toward goals and provide “lessons learned” to drive program management and improvement.

Our program evaluation services 

Previous program evaluation services have included: 

  • Consultation on evaluation design for proposal development
  • Culturally responsive and equitable evaluation approaches
  • Stakeholder and community engagement in evaluation design, implementation, and data collection
  • Evaluation planning and design
  • Single and multi-site evaluations 
  • Development of SMART goals
  • Metric and indicator development
  • Identification and assessment of data sources
  • Data collection and management of data sets
  • Qualitative and quantitative methods, including analysis of claims and survey data, key informant interviews, and focus groups
  • Reporting and synthesis of results
  • Dissemination and communication strategies to reach target audiences

Our previous projects

Previous program evaluations have assessed:

  • The impact of a Patient-Centered Medical Home model. Specifically, we evaluated the model’s success in improving adherence to care guidelines, reducing gaps in care, and enhancing health outcomes for diabetic patients across 25 clinics in a large urban health system.
  • An intervention to increase the proportion of new Medicaid patients finding a medical home within 60 days of enrollment. We employed Community Health Workers to conduct outreach and respond to pre-existing social service needs that could serve as barriers to care.
  • An emergency department protocol that sought to divert and refer low-income patients with acute dental pain away from the ED and toward a community dental center for immediate and on-going dental care.
  • The needs, gaps in services, and satisfaction among members of a county health plan to support the development of a strategic plan.

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