Cover Michigan Survey

CHRT is pleased to share health care consumer survey data contained in the Cover Michigan Survey with researchers, instructors, policymakers, and members of the media upon request.

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The Cover Michigan Survey is a health care consumer survey that explores health, health insurance, and health care access trends across Michigan.

Developed in 2009 to better understand the likely impact of the Affordable Care Act on the state of Michigan and its citizens, the survey has revealed important trends about health status, health care coverage, and access to health care across populations.

Detailed analyses of the survey data (read about the survey methodology) have been the basis of many publications, presentations, and media interviews that have:

  • Illuminated the impact of the Affordable Care Act and Healthy Michigan Plan on Michigan citizens and their access to health care benefits;
  • Revealed troubling health disparities and health care service gaps including unequal access to mental health and specialty care services;
  • Illuminated a range of important health concerns including satisfaction with health plans, challenges with chronic pain, and more; and
  • Led to important policy recommendations.

Cover Michigan Survey data has also been highlighted in Health Affairs, Michigan Radio, The Detroit News, MLive, Crain’s Detroit Business, and other publications while select findings have been presented to members of the American College of Epidemiology and the American Public Health Association.