For the Media

An essential part of CHRT’s work is supporting journalists, reporters, authors, and other professional communicators as they write informative stories about health trends, practices, and policies. As a non-partisan organization, CHRT is committed to helping writers and editors—based on staff capacity at the time of request—by providing quick access to:

  • Essential background information
  • Publicly available data and evidence
  • Interviews with and insights from experienced analysts
  • Assistance with accurate data interpretation
  • Connections to additional subject matter experts

In addition to responding to media inquiries, CHRT conducts original research about health policy and practice topics and disseminates its research findings through policy briefs and reports. CHRT is happy to offer these materials to reporters prior to publication when we know of reporter interests.


To submit an interview or information request, or to tell us about the stories you’re working on, please complete our short AskCHRT request form. CHRT staff will make every attempt to respond within the hour.

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Sharing CHRT Materials

CHRT materials may be shared, in whole or in part, without written permission, as long as they are not altered, and as long as readers will not be charged for access.

  • All original CHRT content is copyrighted material and communicators are asked to credit CHRT as author: “Recent research by the Center for Health and Research Transformation (CHRT) shows that….”
  • Reporters are asked to link directly to the CHRT web page where the PDF of the report or resource is located. To ensure that your readers benefit from the most current information, do not link to PDFs on 

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