Udow-Phillips praises state leaders on the actions they’re taking to combat the spread of coronavirus

March 23, 2020 | ABC News, In The Media
Marianne Udow-Phillips

As coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, U.S. leaders in our nation’s capital have struggled to roll out a national plan of action writes ABC News reporter Ivan Pereira in “State governors taking lead on coronavirus precautions as federal government works to define plan.”

Marianne Udow-Phillips, founding executive director of CHRT, tells ABC News that state leaders have stepped up to fill the breach with cancellations, shutdowns, and other needed interventions.

“Governors hear directly from health care providers, the local business community, school leaders and citizens at large,” says Udow-Phillips. “They are deeply attuned to local and statewide impacts.”

This familiar relationship between the governors and their communities places them in a crucial position to take the actions necessary to alleviate pressing issues.

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Summary by Bill Minsung Kim