Cover Michigan: The state of health care coverage in Michigan before the ACA

January 26, 2009
Author(s): Marianne Udow-Phillips, MHSA

The staff of the Center for Healthcare Research & Transformation (CHRT) is pleased to present the first edition of Cover Michigan, a report designed to provide a comprehensive picture of health coverage in our state. Cover Michigan is intended to complement national reports depicting trends in health coverage and provide the public and policymakers with a single source of information on health coverage in Michigan.

Cover Michigan presents publicly available data from a variety of sources, in three major sections. The first focuses on the size and characteristics of the uninsured, privately insured, and publicly insured populations. Next, because those with private health coverage are increasingly affected by under-insurance and difficulty accessing health care, the report includes information on premiums and cost-sharing. A final section is devoted to the impact of health coverage on the provider system, with a particular focus on uncompensated care in hospitals and the distribution of safety net providers in the state.

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