Creating a Learning Health State in Michigan: Working Together to Change Health Care in our State

July 11, 2014

Watch the archived event webcast here.

The Center for Healthcare Research & Transformation brought together an assembly of stakeholders—patients, clinicians, researchers, public health professionals and payers—in Lansing, Mich., to create an action plan to innovatively and collaboratively tackle challenges affecting the health of the people of Michigan by continuous learning and improvement.

Seven “actionable” theme groups met with plans to create sustainable initiatives. The theme groups are:

  • Strengthening the Disease Surveillance System
  • Improving Immunization Rates
  • Implementing a provider care delivery model that supports patients as engaged stewards of their own health
  • Improving the Coordination of Care
  • Strengthening and Aligning Quality Measures Used by Payers and Agencies
  • Designing an innovative model for shared decision making for patients
  • Creating a strong health care workforce

Event Replay


Download the Learning Health State 2014 Plenary slides here.


Download the Learning Health State 2014 Panelist slides here.

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