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Health Information Technology Manager

Beth Nagel, MA

Health Information Technology Manager , Michigan Department of Community Health

Beth Nagel is currently the health information manager at the Michigan Department of Community Health, responsible for moving forward the state’s projects centered on health information exchange (HIE) and health information technology (HIT). Nagel is Michigan’s HIT coordinator, a federally-defined role focused on ensuring that state government is fully integrated into all applicable HIT and HIE activities among all ARRA-funded HIT programs in the state. As Michigan’s HIT coordinator, Nagel is the liaison between the state and the federal government. Nagel previously served as special assistant to the director of the Michigan Department of Community Health. Throughout her graduate studies in telecommunications policy at Michigan State University, Nagel focused on the consumer satisfaction effects of utilizing technology in the delivery of health care, and managed three evaluation projects focused on the utilization of tele-health and tele-home-health in rural Michigan counties.