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Searle Assistant Professor of Health Management and Policy

David W. Hutton, PhD, MS

Assistant Professor , Industrial and Operations Engineering

David W. Hutton’s research is focused on health policy resource allocation and medical decision making. He focuses on using mathematical models to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of complex chronic and infectious diseases. He is working on a diverse set of research projects. He is evaluating medical interventions such as new drugs and devices, and medical process improvements like education of physicians to improve patient care. He is also evaluating the costs and benefits of public health interventions such as screening and vaccination policies for existing and emerging diseases, and community interventions to promote health end prevent chronic disease. His research and influence on national and international hepatitis B policy earned him the first place prize in the “Doing Good with Good OR” competition from the Institute for Operations Research and Management Science.

Hutton holds a Doctorate in Management Science and Engineering and a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Stanford University, with a focus on health policy modeling.