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In a recent Health Affairs Forefront piece, Strengthening public health through collaboration with primary care: lessons from the states, CHRT’s Nancy Baum and Samantha Iovan share key findings from research across four states: North Carolina, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Washington. These four states were selected based on the authors’ previous research, which identified these states as innovators in their work to connect public health an …

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The Promotion of Health Equity Project engages six Regional Health Collaboratives — care coordination programs designed to improve a region’s wellbeing – to address health-related social needs and establish a framework for statewide expansion.  A recent MI Mental Health Series article by Estelle Slootmaker, “Regional Health Collaboratives improving access to behavioral health services,” discusses the goals of these six collaboratives an …

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Joshua Traylor, MPH, senior director at the Health Care Transformation Task Force in Washington, DC, has been named executive director of the Center for Health and Research Transformation (CHRT), an independent nonprofit policy center at the University of Michigan. Traylor will take the helm on November 1. “The board was unanimous and enthusiastic about selecting Joshua Traylor for the role of executive director,” says Tony Denton, CHRT …

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This past year, as we reflected on our first decade, we took a close look at our history, our expanded portfolio, and our evolution as an organization, and decided it was time to change our name from the Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation to the Center for Health and Research Transformation. Our acronym, pronounced “chart,” remains the same—as does our longstanding commitment to improving the health of people and communities…

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“I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the talented CHRT staff, board members, and partners to further CHRT’s mission of improving the health of people and ...communities.”

CHRT will welcome @JoshuaTraylor9 as executive director on November 1.

Meet @JoshuaTraylor9, our new executive director.

Joshua Traylor, MPH, joins us from the Health Care Transformation Task Force in DC. He has deep expertise in #healthcarereform ...and cross-sector work.

Learn more about him here:

CHRT is thrilled to announce our new executive director, @JoshuaTraylor9. “Traylor’s commitment to #healthequity will advance CHRT’s mission,” says Tony Denton, CHRT board... chair.