CHRT begins four new projects focused on health equity, legislator education, and more

March 19, 2024 | CHRT News

The Center for Health & Research Transformation (CHRT) is pleased to announce four new projects.

Expanding community paramedicine and mobile integrated health in mid-Michigan

This project, a collaborative initiative with Mobile Medical Response (MMR), aims to launch a community paramedicine program to address gaps in medical and social care within mid-Michigan communities.  CHRT’s role includes conducting environmental scans and needs analyses, developing a sustainable funding model for the community paramedicine program, identifying care disparities, and providing technical assistance to ensure the program’s effectiveness.

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) needs and recommendations for older adults

Both Medicaid recipients and non-recipients use NEMT for essential medical and behavioral health visits. CHRT will conduct a comprehensive review of the literature and data, alongside stakeholder interviews, to identify transportation needs, barriers, and successful models from other communities. The findings will be compiled into a policy brief to guide transportation providers, healthcare entities, health payers, and policymakers.

Lessons learned from the Pfizer Foundation’s Community Health Innovation Grant Program

Running from December 2023 to December 2025, this project aims to enhance infectious disease control in underserved U.S. communities. CHRT collaborates with Direct Relief to monitor and analyze grantees’ progress. Activities include reviewing goals and metrics, attending meetings, analyzing grantee reports, and conducting interviews. The project will culminate in a comprehensive report detailing key strategies, findings, and an implementation guide for future programs​.

Health education opportunities for Michigan legislators and legislative staffers

Funded by the Michigan Health Endowment Fund, this project aims to enhance the knowledge of legislators and legislative staff on policy-relevant health topics. Due to term limits and turnover in the Michigan House and Senate, there’s a need to refresh health issue expertise regularly. CHRT collaborates with the Institute for Public Policy and Social Research and other partners to develop primers, conduct round-table discussions, and implement forums focused on behavioral health, workforce health, Medicaid, and public health​.

These projects embody CHRT’s commitment to health transformation through research, policy, and practice. We look forward to the positive impacts these initiatives will have on our communities and the broader health care landscape.