Bridge Michigan quotes Samantha Iovan on paramedics and insurance coverage.

March 25, 2022 | Bridge Magazine, In The Media

Paramedics do much more than taking patients to the ER. However, most medical insurances cover only for trips to the ER. According to CHRT’s analyst Samantha Iovan, the insurance payment model fails to recognize a small, but consistent, slice of 911 calls that can be safely treated in a patient’s home. And because community paramedics spend more time in a patient’s home, they are often able to identify other forms of social assistance that would help patients with health issues, saving even more trips to the ER.

“If the community paramedic is going into a house for someone unable to manage a chronic condition, maybe that’s because they don’t have transportation, lovan said. “If they are food insecure, they can connect them to a food pantry. The paramedic can serve as this connection to community organizations that can help.”—Samantha Iovan, Health policy senior project manager, CHRT