Nancy Baum’s Q&A with “State of Reform”

February 22, 2022 | In The Media, State of Reform

Nancy Baum is the health policy director at CHRT. In this Q&A, she discusses CHRT’s latest research projects, behavioral health legislation, and the future of Medicaid enrollment in Michigan.

Baum starts her interview explaining how the end of public health emergency might result in a very high disenrollment rate in Medicaid. 

“At the end of the public health emergency, states have 12 months where they can figure out exactly who is no longer going to qualify for Medicaid. During that time, there are opportunities for communities to come together to try to keep as many people enrolled as possible.”

She also further discusses Michigan’s behavioral health system and changes that are being proposed in the legislature. Social determinants of health and care services coordination are also at the forefront of her current work at CHRT.

“There’s decades of evidence that show integrating physical and behavioral health care services for individuals really matters.”