Why is Michigan’s coronavirus death rate so high? Udow-Phillips explains in MLive

June 2, 2020 | In The Media, MLive

“By multiple measures, coronavirus COVID-19 has been particularly deadly in Michigan” reports Julie Mack in a recent MLive story. “Michigan’s death count equates to almost 10 percent of the state’s confirmed cases,” writes Mack. “That’s the highest percentage in the country.”

Mack interviewed Marianne Udow-Phillips, founding executive director of the Center for Health and Research Transformation, for perspective. 

It’s likely the sociodemographic factors that made metro Detroit an U.S. epicenter for coronavirus also are contributing to the high death rate, said Marianne Udow-Phillips, head of the Center for Health and Research Transformation at University of Michigan.

Outside of nursing homes, “we know where COVID-19 has been most deadly, and that’s been in the African-American population,” for a variety of reasons, Udow-Phillips said.