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Hospital Finances Improved

NPR Shots Blog: Hospital Finances Improve After Medicaid Expansion, But At Whose Expense?

Medicaid expansion has been a subject of ongoing debate and analysis since its inception. While it has undeniably led to improved financial conditions for hospitals, the question remains: at whose expense? Today, we will delve deeper into the NPR article titled “Hospital Finances Improve After Medicaid Expansion, But at Whose Expense?” and explore the complex dynamics at play. The Upside: …

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Click on Detroit: The Price of Health Care

New law requires hospitals to post service costs online — but does it help patients? CHRT helps WDIV TV 4 Detroit learn more…

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Crain's Detroit Business: Outlook 2019

State should focus more urgently on public health — Marianne Udow-Phillips

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WJR Radio: What’s Next for The ACA

In the wake of the recent Texas federal court ruling, CHRT Director Marianne Udow-Phillips joins Paul W. Smith on-air to talk about the court ruling and what’s next for the ACA and people who have health insurance through the ACA. Listen to the conversation here.

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Crain's Detroit: Dr. Michelle Moniz, CHRT policy fellow, in Freep: Dangers of short term health plans for moms, babies

In recent years, the landscape of health insurance in the United States has witnessed significant transformations. One notable development has been the expansion of short-term health insurance plans, a topic that has sparked extensive discussions and debates among policymakers, healthcare professionals, and citizens alike. Today, we’ll examine the potential implications they hold for individuals and the overall healthcare system.  “Bare …

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Detroit Free Press: Why health care bills leave poor, sick behind

CHRT Director Marianne Udow-Phillips explains why neither the U.S. House of Representatives’ American Health Care Act nor the Senate’s Better Care Reconciliation Act is a repeal and replacement of the ACA.

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