About CHRT

Evaluating an integrated health care intervention at pediatric practices in Wayne County

October 2018 – December 2020
Client(s): Starfish Family Services
Partner(s): Dr. David Hutton, Associate Professor, Health Management and Policy, University of Michigan School of Public Health

Starfish Family Services is working to improve health outcomes and healthcare for families in one of Wayne County’s most vulnerable communities. To do so, Starfish is implementing a pediatric integrated care model designed to improve the physical and behavioral health of children and families through detection and early intervention.

CHRT’s role:

CHRT is evaluating the impact of Pediatric Integrated Health Care (PIHC) on patients, providers, and healthcare systems and developing a business case to sustain integrated care models through payer reimbursement. Through data analysis, CHRT will create reports with usable findings to inform improvements. Also, CHRT will create an implementation plan with two large pediatric practices that serve children and families in Wayne County — Integrated Healthcare Associates Pediatric Healthcare and the Pediatric Department of the Henry Ford Health System.