About CHRT

Feonix Mobility Rising

Client(s): Feonix Mobility Rising
Funder: American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)

Many people in Washtenaw County have mobility barriers that make it difficult for them to go where they need to go, including to medical appointments. This has a serious effect on their health and overall wellbeing. The Washtenaw County Transportation Assistance Hub will work to overcome mobility barriers to allow equitable access for all.

CHRT’s role:

CHRT will work with Feonix Mobility Rising to establish the Transportation Assistance Hub and Transportation Task Force in Washtenaw County. CHRT will:


  • Liaise with potential transportation referral sources to educate them on the Transportation Assistance Hub.
  • Work with Feonix’s Mobility Navigator on a workflow for supporting riders with other social needs–this may include best practices for assessment, data collection, needs analysis, communication with referral services, establishing a closed loop communication back to the client and/or the initial referring partner on the status of the client’s transportation and other needs (including addressing challenges to accessing Non-Emergency Medical Transportation benefits, if applicable).
  • Participate in the Transportation Task Force (TTF).
  • Help define the role of the TTF, with a specific goal of keeping the TTF distinct from the Mobility Leadership Circle–this will include consideration of a role for the TTF to be involved in sustainability planning and fiscal strategy.
  • Assist with designing and running feedback sessions.
  • Review assessment tools in use and provide feedback on what kind of outcomes reporting is possible and identify gaps in the data that will be collected.
  • Communicate with Washtenaw County and advise Feonix on reporting requirements for their Washtenaw County grant.
Topics: Health Equity