What repeal and replace could mean

What repeal and replace could mean

A new CHRT brief titled Potential approaches to the Affordable Care Act outlines what repeal and replacement options to the Affordable Care Act could include. Following the election of President Donald Trump, the GOP is expected to share its repeal and replace plans. Ahead of this, CHRT staff describe five potential outcomes:

1) allow insurance to be sold across state lines,

2) make premiums tax deductible,

3) establish high risk pools,

4) reduce Medicaid funding and use block grants,

5) allow the importation of drugs.

Because the law is sweeping and includes many provisions that go beyond health insurance coverage issues, repealing and replacing would be complex, the brief states. The brief also explains the policy steps that would need to occur—from approval in the senate, to the budget reconciliation process, to approval from the president.