Bartholomew discusses the healthcare system changes proposed by Democratic presidential candidates

March 17, 2020 | In The Media, MLive

Ryan Bartholomew, a health policy analyst at CHRTRyan Bartholomew, a health policy analyst at CHRT, offers insight on the different approaches to improving our healthcare system proposed by Presidential hopefuls Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders in “How Democratic Presidential candidates want to change health care.”

“The largest benefit is if you are a fan of the private health insurance marketplace,” says Bartholomew of Biden’s proposal. “If you like the plan that you have, the public option doesn’t impact you in any way, […] It would be just an option that other people would be able to purchase and you would still be able to keep your current plan if that’s something that you like.”

The article by Malachi Barrett delves into the differences between to two proposed healthcare systems with Biden pushing to build on former the Affordable Care Act, while Sanders pushes for Medicare for All.


Summary by Bill Minsung Kim