About CHRT

Autism Alliance of Michigan

Partner(s): Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, Michigan Value Collaborative

Earlier diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) will improve access to services and resources for patients. The Center for Health and Research Transformation (CHRT) will analyze data to develop a set of actionable recommendations to help people with ASD. The goal: To ensure eligible Michigan residents to get diagnosed, and therefore supported, up to two years earlier and to reduce disparities in diagnosis.

CHRT’s role:

CHRT will collaborate with the Autism Alliance of Michigan (AAOM) to conduct analyses that focus on the critical factors surrounding ASD diagnosis. These actions will lay the groundwork to understand the current age of ASD diagnosis in Michigan, and to decrease the barriers to achieve earlier diagnoses. The project has three phases: discovery, analysis, and synthesis.

  • Discovery phase: Identify the priorities and project expectations for CHRT’s research and analysis. Work with the AAOM to develop a work plan and detailed timeline.
  • Analysis phase: Review of existing academic and gray literature related to ASD diagnosis and disparities nationwide. The BCBSM and Michigan Value Collaborative (MVC) will share data to facilitate the project. In addition, the team will incorporate information from Stanford University’s GapMap, Autism Support of Michigan’s local resource directory, and the AAOM’s MINavigator Program. The information collection will improve understanding of how ASD-related services and resource distribution affects the age of diagnosis and treatment. Afterward, the AAOM will conduct stakeholder interviews to describe the challenges individuals and families face in seeking diagnoses and treatment in Michigan. This phase will illuminate opportunities to improve access to ASD-related services.
  • Synthesis phase: Following the analysis phase, CHRT will develop a final report for this study. Then CHRT and AAOM will examine the Medicaid and BCBSM claims to develop a final set of recommendations.