About CHRT

Supporting national health and human services integration leaders for equitable and thriving communities

December 2018 – July 2020
Client(s): Kresge Foundation

Health disparities tied to race and socioeconomic status are well-documented across the United States. There is substantial evidence that addressing the social determinants of health – housing, nutrition, education, and more – with an integrated approach to health and human service (HHS) delivery will reduce health disparities and improve socio-economic outcomes. However, HHS integration initiatives face significant challenges that include siloed government departments, unconnected data systems, and inflexible funding streams.

CHRT’s role:

CHRT is assisting the Kresge Foundation’s Health and Human Services Team as a strategic learning partner and technical assistance provider as the Foundation begins to fund national leaders in this new focus area. Activities include:

• Conducting a comprehensive literature review on technical assistance practices
• Developing a request for proposals
• Identifying national integration leaders
• Reviewing proposals and assisting with the grantee selection process
• Establishing an advisory committee structure
• Creating comprehensive technical assistance plans for grantees
• Publishing relevant findings

Topics: Integration