About CHRT

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) needs and recommendations for older adults

October 2023 – July 2024
Client(s): Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)
Funder: SCHAA Fund for Seniors 2023

Both Medicaid recipients and non-Medicaid users rely on NEMT for medical and behavioral health visits, yet access to it can be challenging. A written policy brief will uncover the scope of transportation needs for older adults, the barriers they face, and what has been successful in other communities facing similar obstacles.

CHRT’s role:

CHRT staff will be reviewing relevant literature and available data on the purpose and use of NEMT and conducting stakeholder interviews to understand the specific needs in our community and innovative solutions that may be applicable to Washtenaw County residents. The brief will be disseminated to key stakeholders such as transportation providers, healthcare entities, health payers, and policymakers.