Guide to state requirements and policy choices in the Affordable Care Act

April 28, 2011

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA) requires the establishment of significant new state-level structures by the year 2014. This document summarizes major requirements and policy choices for states between now and 2014.*

The ACA also includes many grant and demonstration project opportunities involving wellness programs, patient centered medical home demonstrations, expansion of federally qualified health centers, and Medicaid physician reimbursement enhancement. A list of these opportunities may be found in CHRT’s June 2010 policy brief, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the State and Local Level.

Read the Full Brief Here

Suggested citation: Ogundimu, Tomi; Eller, Patrice; Udow-Phillips, Marianne. Guide to State Requirements and Policy Choices in the Affordable Care Act. April 2011. Center for Healthcare Research & Transformation. Ann Arbor, MI.

*This assessment was completed under the assumption that the ACA will be implemented based on the statute as it exists December 2010. If court challenges or the political process results in some substantive change to the ACA, revisions to this analysis would be required.