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The Atlantic: Moniz in The Atlantic: The High Cost of Having a Baby in America

“This is the kind of money that causes people to go into debt.” CHRT Health Policy Fellow Dr. Michelle Moniz Research by Michelle Moniz, a 2018 CHRT Health Policy Fellow, is cited in “The High Cost of Having a Baby in America” by Olga Khazan for The Atlantic. The article discusses the high cost of having a baby in the …

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Senior man wearing a hearing aid

Consumer Reports, The Washington Post: Hearing aids might reduce dementia risk says research by Elham Mahmoudi, a 2019 Health Policy Fellow

“The new study also suggests using hearing aids might help delay the onset of dementia in some people, and it’s the largest study to date to look at this possible connection.” CHRT Health Policy Fellow Dr. Elham Mahmoudi Research by Elham Mahmoudi, a 2019 CHRT Health Policy Fellow, is cited in “Research into the health effects of hearing loss suggests …

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Dr. Carrie Rheingans on ER helping Opiate Crisis.

Bridge Magazine: Rheingans in “Michigan finds some success fighting opiate crisis on front line: emergency rooms”

Many parts of the world have been affected by the opiate crisis, which has devastating effects on individuals and their families. Michigan has been impacted by this crisis more than most other states in the United States. However, the state has implemented various strategies to combat the issue, with a particular focus on its emergency rooms. “The biggest challenge that …

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Waiting room with lots of patients

Lansing State Journal: Riba in “Michigan is facing a shortage of primary care doctors. Where does that leave patients?”

In many communities, the shortage of primary care doctors is becoming an increasingly serious concern. Among these areas is Lansing, Michigan, where a shortage of primary care physicians has resulted in long wait times and difficulty accessing healthcare. “… the length of time it takes people to get into primary care. I think that’s a real issue.” Melissa Riba Carol …

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Subscription services for doctors

Michigan Radio: Subscribe to your doctor? A new model for medical care is catching doctors’ attention

In today’s world, where healthcare costs are soaring and patients struggle to access affordable and quality care, a new model of medical care is emerging as a promising alternative to the traditional fee-for-service model. This model, called “direct primary care,” is gaining popularity among patients and doctors alike. The direct primary care model allows patients to subscribe to a doctor …

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Bridge Magazine: Budget fight looms over changes in Medicaid mental health in Michigan

As the state of Michigan prepares for the upcoming budget fight over proposed changes to Medicaid and mental health in Michigan, advocates and lawmakers have expressed concern and opposition to the governor’s proposal to shift behavioral health management responsibilities to Medicaid health plans. “How we should deliver mental health services in Michigan is really a crucial issue. It’s a core …

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John Z. Ayanian, received Distinguished University Professors honor

The University Record: CHRT Board member named University Distinguished Professor

The University of Michigan has recently recognized the outstanding accomplishments of six faculty members, who have been appointed as Distinguished University Professors. This distinguished title is granted to exceptional individuals who have displayed remarkable scholarship and creativity, while also making a significant impact in their respective fields. It is an honor that reflects the hard work, dedication, and excellence that …

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Crain's Detroit: Reduce administrative burden of work rules to prevent mass health coverage losses, by Udow-Phillips & Shaefer

Healthcare is an essential human right, and the ability to access it without undue hardship is critical for individuals and society as a whole. Unfortunately, administrative burdens and complex work rules often make it difficult for many to maintain health coverage. However, according to a recent proposal by Udow-Phillips and Shaefer, there is a solution to this pressing problem. They …

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Bridge Magazine: To improve health, boost Medicaid dental reimbursement rates, by CHRT Fellow Dr. Romesh Nalliah

Dental care is a vital component of overall health, yet it remains a challenge for many individuals, especially those who rely on Medicaid for their healthcare needs. Dr. Romesh Nalliah, a CHRT Fellow sheds light on the pressing issue of low Medicaid dental reimbursement rates and their impact on oral health outcomes.  “Michigan’s outdated, 29-year-old Medicaid reimbursement rates are a …

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Overcrowded ER

Bridge Magazine, In The Media: Michigan pilot project can help reduce ER overcrowding and improve mental health treatment

ER overcrowding is a significant challenge facing healthcare providers in Michigan.  In Bridge Magazine’s Health Watch series, Ted Roelofs looks at how a federally funded project — administered by CHRT on behalf of the Washtenaw Health Initiative — coordinates multiple health, mental health, and human service organizations to focus on people with substance abuse and mental health issues who are …

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