About CHRT

Synthesizing learnings from Pfizer’s community health innovation awards for infectious disease prevention

February 2023 – March 2023
Client(s): Direct Relief
Funder: Pfizer

Direct Relief provides grants to safety net community healthcare providers that create innovative approaches to address infectious disease in underserved communities and create greater health equity in these vulnerable populations. Their annual Learning Summit is an opportunity to study the projects and organizations involved to determine how to improve.

CHRT’s role:

Two members of the CHRT team, Melissa Riba and Marissa Rurka, will attend the two-day Learning Summit, where they will gather information and interact with grantees. Afterwards, CHRT will conduct qualitative analysis of the information gathered at the summit and synthesize results using the “immersion/crystallization” variation of Grounded Theory methodology. CHRT will then develop a 5-10 page brief suitable for digital or print distribution that will include an infographic-style executive summary and actionable next steps or recommendations. The brief will focus on aggregate findings but will use vignettes or illustrative examples from individual grantees where appropriate. The intended audience for the deliverable is Direct Relief’s partner network of over 1500 FQHC, CHCs, free and charity and safety net clinics, as well as NACHC and NAFC. CHRT and Direct Relief will develop a dissemination plan for the brief to this audience.

Topics: Public Health