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Lost insurance in COVID-19 crisis? Act quickly to get ACA coverage. Already uninsured? In 38 states, including ours, it’s complicated.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has joined with governors from 11 other states on the federally facilitated exchange to urge the federal government to reopen the Affordable Care Act health insurance marketplace in light of the COVID-19 pandemic so Michigan residents who have lost insurance or who are without insurance can access coverage. For the 38 states that use the federally-facilitated marketplace, …

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What local health departments need to know about CARES Act funding and policy opportunities for COVID-19 response

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Center for Health and Research Transformation (CHRT) staff members have been conducting rapid response research for Michigan policy leaders who are working proactively to protect vulnerable communities across the state. In this analysis for the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, we explore funding and policy opportunities in the 2020 CARES Act, signed into law …

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Health Insurance Marketplace: Michigan 2020 rate analysis finds increased choice, decreased rates, federal policy impact

The Health Insurance Marketplaces created under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) weathered several years of volatility and uncertainty at the federal level, but our rate analysis found that 2020, like 2019, was a year of stability in the Michigan Health Insurance Marketplace. Following a tumultuous 2017 marked by Congressional “repeal and replace” debates, important administrative changes, and the termination of …

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Lack of behavioral health workers in rural america

Recruiting and retaining behavioral health workers in rural America: Our report and action guide

In the U.S., there are not enough behavioral health workers to meet the demand for mental health and substance use services, particularly in rural areas. Over the past year, the Center for Health and Research Transformation (CHRT) has worked closely with the University of Michigan’s Behavioral Health Workforce Research Center (BHWRC) to explore the approaches states have taken to address …

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A primer on Michigan’s community mental health system: A report for the Ethel and James Flinn Foundation

Michigan’s community mental health (CMH) system serves more than 300,000 people: Approximately 155,000 adults with serious mental illness, 51,000 children with serious emotional disturbance, 50,000 people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, and 73,000 people with substance use disorder. These community mental health services are funded by Medicaid, state general funds, block grants, and local funds. Approximately half (49 percent) of …

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Michigan Physician Survey–perspectives on opioid prescribing policies, medication assisted treatment

Whether opioid policy reforms and additional resources will have an impact on opioid use depends in part on physician support. Physicians need to be key partners in the implementation of changes in opioid prescribing and in providing supportive treatment approaches. In order to understand the likelihood that these policies will succeed, CHRT’s latest Michigan Physician Survey asked physicians about their …

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How to fund community health workers: Lapedis in New England Journal of Medicine

In Realizing the value of community health workers–new opportunities for sustainable financing, a New England Journal of Medicine Perspectives piece, CHRT project manager Jeremy Lapedis and colleagues from Poverty Solutions and the Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation describe new mechanisms for financing community health workers far into the future. “CHW-led interventions have been shown to be both effective and …

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Comparing Recent Health Care Proposals: From building on the ACA to Medicare for All

Democratic lawmakers in Congress have made a variety of proposals to strengthen or reform the United States health care system. These proposals range from building upon the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to fully transitioning the U.S. to a single-payer system. This fact sheet categorizes and compares the major provisions of these proposals, including possible implications for consumers, health care providers, …

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Michigan Physician Survey: Primary care physician perspectives and practice trends

CHRT has been surveying primary care physicians (PCPs) in Michigan since 2012—tracking key trends in practice patterns, capacity, payer mix and care team composition. Our 2019 Michigan Physician Survey also asked physicians about care continuity and Medicaid work requirements legislation. PCPs are a key component of a successful, high quality healthcare system. As the baby-boomer generation ages and the needs …

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Access to health care in Michigan: Results from CHRT’s latest Cover Michigan Survey

The Center for Health and Research Transformation’s (CHRT) 2018 Cover Michigan Survey asked Michigan residents about their experiences in accessing health care, specifically how easy or difficult it was to get appointments with different providers. The Cover Michigan Survey found that two factors—the presence of primary care providers (PCP), and whether or not people had a medical home—figured prominently in …

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