About CHRT

CHRT Health Policy Fellowship: Training Nonprofit Fellows

January 2023 – May 2024
Client(s): Michigan Health Endowment Fund

In Michigan and nationally, the nonprofit sector plays a critical and ever-increasing role in research and advocacy around health care delivery and public policy. Including the perspective of nonprofits in our annual Health Policy Fellowship program adds an important new dimension that we hope will further inform the work our policy fellows do and the impact they have during their careers.

CHRT’s role:

Thanks to support from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund, the Center for Health and Research Transformation is including nonprofit leaders as part of the 2020 Health Policy Fellowship class. Reflecting the growing importance and increased interest of the non-profit sector in health policy, the inclusion of policy fellows with nonprofit experience is designed to further expand the perspective of the class, which also includes health care researchers and policymakers from the public sector.

The CHRT Policy Fellowship brings together policymakers, nonprofit leaders, and researchers to learn about health policy and the research process — and the intersection between the two — from subject-matter experts and each other. Over four months, fellows meet in Ann Arbor for seven, day-long seminars on public health policy and current issues affecting health policy and practice in Michigan and across the nation. Fellows also take experiential learning trips to Detroit, Lansing, and Washington, DC, to see health policy and practice in action. Many former fellows now serve in key legislative positions in Michigan and Washington, DC, influencing state and federal policy.

CHRT supports fellows by providing specialized training in the research process, the legislative process, effective advocacy, and communicating with legislators, media representatives, and the public. CHRT also provides training in the history of health care and health insurance, and coordinating a robust slate of speakers to discuss value based care and many other topics.