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In The Media, WEMU: CHRT Health Policy Fellow Denise Anthony talks to WEMU about immunity certification, unintended consequences

WEMU’s Lisa Barry explores the idea of an immunity certification system that could exempt those who have COVID-19 antibodies from some social distancing restrictions and allow them to go back to work. Dr. Denise Anthony, CHRT Health Policy Fellow and Professor of Health Management and Policy at the U-M School of Public Health, joins Barry, cautioning that in the U.S., …

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Bridge Magazine, In The Media: Marianne Udow-Phillips on why Michigan hospitals are laying off workers even as they battle coronavirus

As part of their continuing Health Watch series, Bridge Magazine continues their focus on hospital staffing and the economics behind the perplexing circumstance of health care workers losing their jobs during a health crisis. Writing for today’s Bridge, Brie Zeltner notes that the surge in coronavirus patients has increased staffing and equipment costs even as COVID-19 treatments bring in less …

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Powering Up Podcast: In Powering Up, we explore the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 in African American communities

Marianne Udow-Phillips, founding executive director of the Center for Health and Research Transformation, joined Anne Doyle for this week’s Powering Up! podcast, “African Americans Bearing the Brunt of U.S. COVID-19 Pandemic.” Detroit, Michigan, one of the COVID-19 hot spots in the U.S., is bearing witness to the disproportionate impact the pandemic is having on African American communities. To date, 35 percent of …

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Huffington Post, In The Media: In Detroit, CHRT’s Cover Michigan Survey illuminates health care access challenges for HuffPo, Type Investigations

In “Detroit’s health care workers ask: ‘How many lives can we save?’ a Huffington Post and Type Investigations story, Patricia Anstett, Jonathan Cohn, Tom Perkins, and Anna Clark describe the impact of coronavirus in “one of the most segregated regions in the country, where a separate-and-unequal system magnifies racial disparities.” “As of Wednesday, COVID-19 had infected more than 7,141 Detroiters …

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Bridge Magazine, In The Media: Marianne Udow-Phillips offers insights on complex hospital staffing issues during the COVID-19 crisis

As hospitals and health systems across Michigan scramble to address a surge in COVID-19 patients, there is competition over the short supply of highly sought-after critical care nurses – driving up labor costs and pulling some Michigan nurses away from their regular jobs to take higher-paying temporary positions. In “Michigan nurses getting fat pay raises or pink slips in coronavirus …

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Bridge Magazine, In The Media: PPE supply shortages aren’t helped by halting abortions writes Dr. Jen Villavicencio

“On any given day, I deliver babies, screen for cancer, provide urgent consultation in emergency rooms, perform complex surgeries and provide abortion care,” writes Jen Villavicencio, a Michigan Medicine OB-GYN and CHRT Health Policy Fellow, in a Bridge Magazine op-ed that responds to calls to shut down abortion clinics to preserve personal protection equipment. “As a board-certified OB-GYN, I know …

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In The Media, Petoskey News Review: Public Health Work has Never Been More Important

“In the world of public health, so many of our days are spent working behind the scenes — preventing disease, protecting health and the environment, preparing for disasters — that we often say the best outcome is one that is invisible,” writes Lisa Peacock, a CHRT Health Policy Fellow and a Health Officer for the Health Department of Northwest Michigan. …

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CGTN, In The Media: Udow-Phillips offers perspective as China Global Television examines U.S. health system amid coronavirus

Lending context to China Global Television Network’s scrutiny of the U.S health system’s response to the coronavirus crisis, CHRT Executive Director Marianne Udow-Phillips explains that lack of health coverage is “…a huge concern in the middle of coronavirus, because this is a pandemic, it doesn’t hit just people who are insured.” The story looks at U.S. health system policy issues …

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Bridge Magazine, In The Media: For independent, rural hospitals, coronavirus may pose an existential threat. Udow-Phillips explains.

In “Rural Michigan hospitals say coronavirus may soon force some to close,” Marianne Udow-Phillips, executive director of the Center for Health and Research Transformation at the University of Michigan, describes the thin cash margins of independent, rural hospitals and why they’re so vulnerable during this coronavirus epidemic. To slow the spread of the virus, elective surgeries and procedures have been …

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ABC News, In The Media: Udow-Phillips praises state leaders on the actions they’re taking to combat the spread of coronavirus

Marianne Udow-Phillips As coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, U.S. leaders in our nation’s capital have struggled to roll out a national plan of action writes ABC News reporter Ivan Pereira in “State governors taking lead on coronavirus precautions as federal government works to define plan.” Marianne Udow-Phillips, founding executive director of CHRT, tells ABC News that state leaders …

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